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Our Shoes

toddler wearing each peach baby shoes
Just like the peach in our name, your baby’s feet are equally as soft. They in fact don’t contain any bones at all, but are made up of delicate cartilage which doesn’t stop developing until their late teens. 
Our baby shoes protect those precious little peaches.
When it comes to learning to walk, barefoot is actually best - but not always practical. Hence podiatrists recommend our soft sole first walking shoes which protect those tiny toes.The flexible design imitates bare footing allowing your child to feel the natural ground below them and feed their brain the correct sensory information. 
Did you notice your baby’s foot is flat? That’s the adorable puppy fat protecting their growing bones. Our first walking shoes have anatomically correct flat soles and wide toes to allow for healthy growth.
We only work with expert shoemakers who hand-craft each of our baby walking shoes from luxuriously soft premium 100% leather in ethical and safe working environments. The majority of our designs are made from full-grain leather, regarded as the highest-quality and most durable part of the hide. Strong and scuff-free for little crawlers. Our Eaglet and Pup models are extra eco-friendly, manufactured from 100% organic leather free from chemicals.
Practical is great but what about the pretty? With our wealth of shopping experience, be assured that we have only handpicked the sweetest styles to guarantee coos at the park. Contemporary yet classic, cool and completely unisex, our baby walking shoes are unique to the UK and come in cute designs and colourways which surpass seasons and trends. Little future heirlooms.
From pram to the playground, crawling to cruising, our baby first shoes are lightweight and supremely comfortable, encouraging dynamic movement, balance and coordination.
Our shoes will take them anywhere.